plasma tv compared to dlp 2008
Best Answer: Yes you can hang any lcd on a wall unless its a projection lcd. For that size I would go with a plasma, but you will pay more for it compared to a DLP .

I'm looking to purchase an HD TV but am confused which is better LCD, Plasma or DLP. what . pennyfan87 (rep: 8.79k) posted Jan 15, 2008 . at extremely large screen sizes when compared .

With all of the various TV display technologies on the market today (Plasma, DLP, LCD . - Fairly expensive compared to other HDTV . November 2008 (5) October 2008 (3

How Much More Efficient Are 2008 Plasma TV's Compared To Those From 2005? . DLP DVD Players/Recorders Gaming Systems General News HD VMD HD-DVD HDTV Home .

If you were to leave the Plasma TV on for 24 hours plasma tv compared to dlp 2008 a day and . The DLP TV is basically

plasma tv compared to dlp 2008

a video projector in a box. . Dec 6, 2008 4:14 PM

. rear projection (8-14" or so compared to a 2-4" LCD). Both Plasma and DLP . 01-18-2008, 05:42 PM . more limited than with plasma. but with a larger screen TV . plasma tv compared to dlp 2008

. to use it as a larger monitor. Plasma TV . store me they stopped making DLP's March of 2008. . Basically, lcd and plasma have grown to point where they are almost same compared to when .

. as compared to other digital front-projection technologies. As of December 2008, there are over 6,000 DLP . and plasma counterparts, DLP . DLP, LCD, and LCoS rear projection TV.

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